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This is a quick reference guide to the basic commands for use within the elm mail reader. These commands are all that is needed for basic functionality in sending and reading email.

Within elm a highlight bar indicates which letter you are currently on. Commands entered will affect the highlighted letter. You can move the highlight bar with the arrow keys. Up and down will move through the list, left and right will change pages of the list if there is more than one.

When dealing with mail folders there are shortcuts. Elm defaults to saving letters in a received folder, located in ~/Mail/received. To change to this folder you can either enter ~/Mail/received, or simply use the shortcut '>'. Incoming letters are stored in a mail spool. When you open elm it defaults to this folder. If you are in a different folder and wish to change to this incoming mail folder, use '!'.

  • d Delete the highlighted letter.
  • u Undelete the highlighted letter.
  • r Reply to author of highlighted letter.
  • g Group reply to all recipients of highlighted letter.
  • b Bounce highlighted letter. Replies to author.
  • f Forward highlighted letter. Replies to you.
  • s Save highlighted letter to a mail folder.
  • p Print hardcopy of highlighted letter to CCC printer.
  • m Mail a letter to address or addresses.
  • ? Online help. A second ? will list all elm commands.
  • c Change to a new mail folder.
  • q Quit elm.
  • i Return to index while reading a letter.
  • <Space> Display highlighted message, go to the next screen.
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