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NOTE: This website is woefully out of date. I haven't really updated it in years - actually close to ten years. It just doesn't make it to the top of my to do list. Most of my online activity these days is on my blog, Gizmo Lovers. Someday I'll get around to updating this site. For now it is accurate up to a point, but should be considered a historical document at best.

I've been online since September 1989 when I first arrived at Worcester Polytechnic Institute as an Aerospace major. Five years later, in August of 1994, I left WPI with a BS in Technical Writing and a BS in History. Don't ask, it is a long, convoluted tale - well, you can ask if you really want to know.

I am currently working for GTE Internetworking, Powered by BBN. In other words GTEI bought up BBN but wanted to keep the name. We're in Cambridge, MA. BBN is the company that started all of this. This? Yes, this - as in the Internet. They developed the first of what could be considered routers and helped build the ARPAnet, which evolved over time into the Internet as we know it. There is a lot of history around here. If you're at all interested check out the book "Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet" by Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon. Very good book, IMHO.

Previously I was working for the Lucent Remote Access Business Unit, aka Lucent RABU, formerly Livingston Enterprises. Livingston was merged into Lucent in late 1997. Don't worry if you haven't heard of them. They make communication servers and routers, the kind of thing an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or corporation uses to connect modems, terminals, or other serial devices, to their network. And before that I worked for Xylogics, who made similar equipment and is now part of Bay Networks.

I like to think I got these jobs because I'm good at what I do, and I put my resume out online. But then again, I may just be damn lucky. ;-)

I started playing around with HTML back at WPI around 1991, but never really had the time to get deep into it. I had a friend who had a friend at CERN where Tim Berners-Lee was developing HTML. So I've been at this for a while now. The concept intrigued me as I am deeply interested in all forms of communications media. After I left WPI I didn't have ready access to a web server to play with until my ISP at the time, The World, added WWW pages for their users. And so the first version of this site was born.

I'm not an artist, and I'm not really into lots of flash. So I'll be keeping the graphic component of this site low - basically nothing. Well, there are a few photos of me on here, just because. The average user online today is still using a 486 machine with 640x480x256 resolution, and a modem between 14.4K and 28.8K (April, 1997) so I like to design for the masses. The photos are a little bit out of date. I started wearing a closely trimmed beard back in 1995 - the photos either show me clean shaven or with the wild unkempt look I had in college when things got to busy for me to bother shaving.

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