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I don't write poetry on a regular basis, I lean more towards prose. But sometimes I'm hit with an idea, an inspiration which leads to a poem. I don't believe that I am good at it, but I don't do it for that. I do it to release the ideas from within my mind, to work them out before they drive me insane with their nattering. I call it poetry mostly because it really doesn't follow the strict rules of prose, but it is mostly free form. If it sounds, or feels, right to me, that is what matters.

I've listed the works in the order in which they were written. You may wish to follow along as I go through various stages, or jump around to whatever catches your eye. Please feel free to send me comments and criticisms. Thank you for reading.

Eventually I'll get around to putting little author's notes in for all of these.

Another Brick, 5/9/92
Not a poem, but a stream of conciousness ramble. I wrote two that night, but didn't save either. This one was saved by a then future friend who found it online. I wish I had the other.
Final Cut, 5/9/92
YAY! Thanks to the miracle of Google Groups I now have my second little rant from that night!
Cut, 6/23/92
Party, 6/23/92
Slow Death, 7/19/92
Rain, 7/25/92
Envy, 8/15/92
Ghosts, 8/15/92
Endless, 9/17/92
Relativity, 10/9/92
Dark Side, 10/10/92
Trust, 10/15/92
Love, 11/2/92
Intrigue, 12/1/92
Courage, 12/2/92
Battle, 12/4/92
Journey, 12/5/92
Trapped, 12/5/92
Voiceless, 12/5/92
Kittens, 12/7/92
Yearning, 1/2/93
Missing, 1/9/93
Will, 1/11/93
Xenophobe, 1/23/93
Zymosis, 1/27/93
Quiet, 2/13/93
Peace, 2/14/93
Halidom, 2/15/93
Ululating, 2/15/93
Ogle, 2/17/93
Persistence, 2/20/93
Knowledge, 4/22/93
Nemesis, 4/22/93
Feeling, 5/10/93
Chasm, 5/30/93
Fringe, 6/20/93
Belonging, 6/26/93
Vacancy, 6/26/93
Night Rising, 6/27/93
Relations, 8/9/93
Cycle, 9/10/93
Desire, 9/10/93
Greeting, 9/10/93
Numb. 9/10/93
Formula 2.1, 9/12/93
Infinite, 9/26/93
Again, 11/16/93
Nature, 1/7/94
Stranger, 7/18/94
Passion, 12/16/94
Teacher, 12/19/94
Running, 9/9/95
Distance, 9/9/95
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