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I started writing prose, mostly sci-fi/fantasy anime fan-fiction, in 1991 when I met Benjamin 'Gryphon' Hutchins. He had been referred to me by a mutual friend as a source of anime - this was back before anime hit the US market, and the only real way to see it was to share with other collectors. Well, Ben was hooked fairly quickly and he teamed with my then roommate, Rob 'ReRob' Mandeville, to write a short fan-fiction story.

However, Ben was new to anime, and Rob was more a general sci-fi fan than an anime fan, so they decided that they should have someone with more anime knowledge work with them as an editor/advisor. Of course, I got tapped for the job. It had been years since I had written any fiction, aside from a few class assignments, and I was just going to check the story out for them.

Well, I only managed to restrain myself for a few minutes before I had taken over the keyboard and started making changes myself, then writing myself into the story more than as an incidental character. Soon I was a full author and worked with Ben and Rob developing the story. That story was Undocumented Features. And our partnership became Eyrie Productions, Unlimited.

Undocumented Features started as a 100 page one-shot story. Today it is a full universe over 1000 pages long, and still growing. Other authors have joined the team, which took the name Eyrie Productions since Gryphon is the true creative head of the group. But Eyrie is not a one person show, we work by consensus, and it is rare that Ben or I have to make an executive decision.

Eyrie Productions has also produced four other fictional universes - at least that we've released for consumption so far. One is connected to Undocumented Features, it is a BGC story called Hopelessly Lost.

Another is derived from Ah! My Goddess! - Gods Willing. This one is the simplest of them all. So far there is only one episode. Like Star Wars we started with chapter 4 of the story. We had plans for more, but it just stalled. Just recently, in early 1998, we've begun to look at resurrecting the story with some new plot direction.

Then came Street Fighter: Warrior's Legacy. This is basically like an buddy film series starring Ben and Zoner. Zoner is the ace pilot, superspy, crack-shot wisecracking partner, Ben is the kick-ass martial artist, quieter, more thoughtful partner. This has been one of the easiest to write since it is deliberately over-the-top.

And the latest of the ever expanding pantheon is Neon Exodus Evangelion. This is fairly obviously a twist on Neon Genesis Evangelion - NXE is NGE, Eyrie style. Which means some people love it, and some people have it profoundly for daring to make major changes to the universe. New characters, missing original characters, and some major changes to some of those who remain. Do not think of it as NGE, because it isn't, despite the familiar feel to much of it. Perhaps think of it as a slightly different dimension, where events have produced a recognizably similar, but rather different, environment.

In addition to Eyrie Productions, I have also contributed to Chris Meadows' multi-author story, Robotech: The Misfold. It is a continuing alternative universe story based on Robotech.

Eyrie Productions will continue to produce fan fiction for some time to come. You can catch our work on rec.arts.anime.stories, and also my FTP area. I hope that you read and enjoy our work, and we are always open to comments from our readers. The links above are to the rough HTML archives on Eyrie Net. As time permits I do intend to give the stories a more thorough HTML treatment. Time will tell.

Outside of Eyrie Productions I have also done a bit of work. I wrote the very short story, Free Flight as kind of a dark fantasy. And the only short play I ever finished, and had performed, is Regrets. It is a combination of many things, sometimes I find things I wrote into it without realizing what I was doing.

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