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Most of the photos listed to the left are grainy and low-res. I scanned them on a cheap scanner in the WPI computing center a number of years ago, and saved them low-res to make them small. Originally most of these were scanned in for a friend who wanted to do some illustrations for the Undocumented Features universe. I didn't orignally intend to put them on line, hell, at the time I didn't have a web page. (At the time, I don't think there were more than a handful in the world...)

But later on people started asking me the old favorite: "What do you look like?" So I pulled them off of my FTP site and plopped them into my web. I don't recall exactly when these were taken, I believe during the '93-'94 school year, perhaps late in the '93-'94 year. I know I had them during 1994, and I didn't live in that apartment until the summer of 1993.

Except for the Sacred Chao, that was something I painted on the bedroom wall of my '92-'93 apartment. I didn't paint it until half-way into the year or so, so it was probably taken in early 1993. And the one photo of me with the scraggily beard I believe is from the same era.

Why no current photos? I don't tend to take pictures of myself. And my camera was stolen shortly after I moved into my new home in Berkeley in late 1995. I still haven't gotten around to replacing it. I do have a photo of me in a tux as a groomsman in a friends wedding from late 1996, I'll probably scan that in eventually. And maybe I'll dig through the random pile of photos I have from college and find some better pictures. Time time time...

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