Over the years I've accumulated a things, a few of which I want to present here. They're either weird, funny, or touched me in some way. I hope they can baffle, amuse, or touch you too.

Several years ago I came across a poem online that touched me very deeply. It hit very close to home, capturing a situation many, too many, people I know have been in. I saved it because it was so powerful, and I've kept a copy on my wall for years. This page gives me a chance to share it with more people, so here it is, A Family Portrait.

Every once in a while a story goes by online that leaves me gasping for breath from laughter. Of course, I have a weird sense of humor, so more often than not it is something most people don't see as at all humorous. Oh well. In any case, this story is, IMHO, hilarious.

Back at Xylogics, we had to deal with some equipment that wasn't worth the cost of the materials it was made out of, that happens with technology, it gets to be obsolete. So a few of us created a list of useful applications for a particularly annoying piece of equipment.

Most people know about Murphy's Law, but not many have seen Murphy's Laws Of Combat. For anyone with an interest in things military, it is an amusing read.

The Book of (fnord) is a strange set of 'cards' created by a couple of my friends back in college. I felt it was weird enough to include here. As the great philosopher Joel Hodgson once said, "We don't ask 'Who will get this?', we say 'The right people will'."

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