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Below is some of the more major stuff I'm into, and some of the more popular links that I have. If you want to see more of what I'm into, and learn a little more about the person behind the pages, there is more to be had.

Ani DiFranco is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter, and I am happy to run her Internet mailing lists, and now to be developing her official website. In her area soon you'll find her tour schedule, several articles, and information on joining the mailing lists. If you haven't heard her music, you are missing out.

I strongly believe that adults should be able to discuss any topic rationally and maturely. And that includes sexual topics, despite what the prudes try to say. To that end I have been a constant member of varying* USEnet newsgroups for nearly the entire time I've been online. Over the years I have saved a few articles, sort of sexual help files and information sources, and I have made them available here for other adults to read and enjoy. No pornography, no erotica, no lists of FTP sites - just information that may be educational and/or useful to a mature audience. If you are offended by this type of material in any way, don't go to this page. Pretty simple.

I used to maintain the USEnet anime fanfiction archives, mostly it was the archive for rec.arts.anime.creative the USEnet newsgroup that I used to moderate. There are a great number of anime fanfiction stories online, as well as some original fan art. At AnimeExpo'96 I announced that I was stepping down as moderator, and the FTP archives went with the job really. There is now a moderation team keeping the group humming, and they have their own archives. Check the group for details.

Outside of anime I have collected several items over the years, some that I created and some that I found online and just found interesting enough to save. You can find those in the my FTP site, conveniently divided into areas of interest. Over time I plan to link some of those files into this web.

While I was attending WPI, and still an aerospace major, I did a major research project on the Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion program the USAF ran in the years after World War II. I found the subject very interesting, and over the years I've been asked to repost my paper time and time again on various newsgroups and mailing lists. So I finally cleaned it up and HTML'd it, did some spiffy things like linked the endnotes into the text. I may be doing some more work on it, it depends on what catches my fancy when I have time to work.

WPI has a student staffed Help Desk, which I worked for my last year there. That, and my interest in communication and computers, produced my senior project for Technical Writing - a study of the email use on campus. Part of that project became a beginner's UNIX Basics Manual, which covers the basics of the UNIX shell, the Elm mail reader, the Emacs editor (with 'flashcard' quick command guides to both), and the t/rn news reader. It contains several references to WPI's system, but in reality it applies to most every UNIX system I've ever worked on. Someday I will get around to rewriting it so that it sounds as generic as it is, but until then it is up and ready for use if anyone so desires.

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